Great Shining Starts Sunday School Ministry

Great Shining Stars Sunday Sunday is working through many other branches throughout Pakistan and spreading the word of God among the children and is telling  about Jesus Christ through games, Holy picture Bibles, Love Story books even Individuals gain spiritual guidance within a multitude of workshops, conferences and revivals.We have well educated and well experienced teachers and they are feeding well as manifested below.

  • to impact the lives of the children to get to know and follow Jesus as their Lord
  • to help children develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • to show children how to serve God with all their God-given gifts
  • to train children to share the Gospel with others 

As we have other many branches and we have to give materials quarterly but now our materials are less than branches and new students are getting admission almost every month.Thus we are seeking for compassionate hearts who can provision the materials for lovely children that they improve their selves.So dear if you have resources to assist us please contact freely and we would like to give you more information.
Here is our ministry's email and you can meet us directly and freely

We will be grateful for your pledged support because you will be enabling us to continue awesome work for lovely children,you will be honorable for us.
                                                                                                                Thank you!


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