Rev. Robin Raz
       Founder/ chairman
                                      Rev. Robin Raz is the founder/chairman of Great Gospel Church and founded it in 2005 but he has been working for thirty years ago in all over the Pakistan and sometime was out of country and God has been also provisioning guidance to him for His mighty work in God's field. Robin Raz is married to Acsah Raz in 2001 and God blessed them with lovely three children ( Shekina Sehar, Jasper John and Beryl Tamseel).

When Robin Raz was 13 years old,he accepted to the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior of life and he repented to his sins but his family had belong to a Catholic Church and didn't accept that Robin Raz be a servant of God and they stood against him, they stopped him but through the God's will he baptized by water in 1982 by Dr. Bishop B.M Gill and he baptized with "Holy Ghost" after some months of that year (1982) then slowly he succeeded to win his family for the Lord Jesus Christ because God was advocating for him, Praise the Lord, Amen.

Rev. Robin Raz was merged with "Pakistan Bible Society" and he worked here for a long time period and beside he is the finance secretary of Pakistan Ministries Network in which all other churches' chairman are working freely for to arrange mighty crusades and conferences.It is a non denominational Network.Robin Raz is the General Secretary of Pakistan Bishop Council in Karachi.          

You can meet directly to Robin Raz,  cell # +92-300-3654311

   Pastor Afzal Bhatti
  senior Vice president

                                    Pastor Afzal Bhatti is working at Great Gospel church in two provinces of Pakistan( Punjab, Sarhad). He has been working here for 10 years ago for the mighty glory and God is using him for His wonders.God is provisioning spiritual resources to get a lost soul for lord Jesus Christ. He is also District Supervisor of Islamabad ( Capital of Pakistan). Pastor Afzal married with Shazia Afzal and He has blessed with 4 lovely children ( 1 daughter, 3 boys ). They are glad in Almighty Jesus.

      Rev. Bashir Fazal
        Vice President

   Evg. Mrs. Acsah Raz
    Finance Secretary


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