Welcome to You

at Great Gospel Church

All are welcome at house of worship.

Great Gospel Church founded by Rev. Robin Raz in 2005 but we have been working in all over the Pakistan for thirty years ago, now we have our own platform and are working for the kingdom of God according to our motto. We are accomplishing and following God's will for us as He loves everyone, if we have saved in Him or we are in sin yet, God still loves us and this mighty love we at GGC are sharing in all over the world.

When even one soul return to the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him and say that O Almighty Jesus please come into my life and change me fully as I have given my heart to you because I have known that you love me too much then a large number of angels in heaven celebrates for him/her. As He do want to tell you that you may also welcomed by Him. Do you want that you be welcomed? Then please my dear bro/sis accept to Jesus Christ in your life as a savior. He is waiting for you, don't be late, yes! go toward Jesus.

We hold weekly services and weeknight meetings. Whether you're new to the neighborhood or new to worship, we welcome you with open arms.


We at GGC have the mission to spread the word of God in all over the world and are equipping the people for to do work in His field that they bring to many people before Him. GGC reaching to many unreached groups in Pakistan and sharing the word and love of God among them and people are accepting to the Lord Jesus Christ. We gives priority to outreach. Although devil doesn't want that we do good job in Pakistan and creates dangerous problems,trying to disappear the mighty peace from Pakistan and spreading hate,disesteem, poverty, etc but spite of all these problems , the Almighty God is empowering and encouraging us that we do mighty job and catch the people from fire. We don't get fear as we are facing. God is releasing his good news in Pakistan through Great Gospel Church.

You can also become our mission partner through fervently prayers!
Let's shake the Pakistan through good news.

Keep up our mission in your prayers because I believes that the prayers are most important to bring prosperity, peace, love,strong economy , good news of Jesus Christ and then Pakistan will become a developed and bright country.

           National Head Office                                                                              

Naimat colony Azizabad House # 56/b Street 2, Karachi, Sindh | +92-300-3654311                              


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